Summer bingo


Here you have a summer bingo to complete over the holidays and bring back to school.

Have fun.

summer bingo


English project

Agenda, English, Science

As I told you the project is to make “the crazy scientist manual”.
We have to:
1- Look for information about the scientific method, What is it? Which ones are the steps? ( this we begun doing it here today and you should finish it at home and bring it in tomorrow)
2- When we know this I will give you a photocopy with the scientific method for you to work with. We will practice with it in class.
3- You will follow the scientific method and choose an experiment about light or heat (science unit 8) to prove your hypothesis, and record it at home. As I told you, you can do it individually, in pairs or in groups of 3. ( due for 25 May bring video and filled photocopy)
After that we will try to create a book with everything.
That same day (25 May) should be the exam.

( This dates may change if needed, if they do I will post it)


English, Science

Hola chicos.

Os recuerdo que hay control de inglés el Jueves sobre el restaurante, el menú y el futuro con will.

El Jueves también hay que traer un recipiente porque tenemos una hora de arts para decorar nuestra time capsule, con lo que el que no lo traiga para esa hora lo tendrá que hacer en casa, y recordad que es parte de la nota.

El último día para hacer la maqueta de science es el Lunes que viene.

Un saludo.